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Stellarray in Five-Year Project to Develop “4D” Computed Tomography Systems

15 October 2010

Austin, TX

Stellarray, Inc. announced today that it received an R01 grant subcontract from the National Institutes of Health, through prime contractor MD Anderson Cancer Center, for the development of four-dimensional digital tomosynthesis (4DDT) systems.   The grant is for five years and encompasses research and development for the real-time imaging of cancer-related angiogenesis, breast digital tomosynthesis and other imaging modalities.   Stellarray will make improved versions of its pixilated digitally addressable X-ray sources while the Digital Imaging Research Laboratory at MD Anderson will work on system design and prototyping.

Stellarray develops flat panel radiation sources and products using them.   Plain X-ray panels are primarily for sterilization while pixilated X-ray panels are being developed for advanced imaging applications.  Basic panel technology has been developed with previous support from the Air Force SBIR program and the Advanced Technology Program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  For further information please contact Mark Eaton at (512) 997-7781 or eaton@stellar-micro.com.