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Stellarray Exhibits Improved Prototype Irradiator at Blood Bank Show

19 October 2011

San Diego, CA

Stellarray, Inc. announced today that it will exhibit an improved prototype of its Self-Contained Blood Irradiator (SCBI) at the American Association of Blood Banks show at the San Diego Convention Center, October 22-25. Stellarray will be at Booth 744 and invites interested parties from blood banks, hospitals and other transfusion centers to stop by. SCBI has not yet received FDA clearance and is not yet available for sale. The device is intended to treat transfusion blood supplies to treat a fatal condition known as graft-versus-host disease.

SCBI will be the first medical device to use Stellarray’s patent-pending flat panel X-ray sources (FPXS), a new kind of X-ray source which produces the radiation over a broad, externally exposed X-ray target, instead of a single point like a traditional X-ray tube. The FPXS is well-suited to blood irradiation and to sterilization applications since it produces X-rays more efficiently than tubes, matches the flux generation and target areas to efficiently use the X-rays and can dissipate heat efficiently over its broad target area. FPXS development has been supported by the NIST Advanced Technology Program, while SCBI development is being supported by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

Stellarray, a spin-off of Stellar Micro Devices in Austin, is developing flat panel X-ray sources and products using them. Plain X-ray panels are being developed primarily for sterilization and materials processing applications. The digitally addressable panels are being developed for more imaging systems, where they will enable CT systems with no moving parts. For further information please contact Mark Eaton at (512) 997-7781 or eaton@stellar-micro.com.