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New Patent to Stellarray for UV Pipe Sterilization System

21 January 2016

Austin, TX

Stellarray announced today that it has been issued U.S. Patent number 9,242,019, for a “UV Pipe”, by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.   The inventor is Mark Eaton and all rights are assigned to Stellarray, Incorporated.   In one version, this invention uses ultraviolet-emitting phosphors coated on the outside of a quartz or glass pipe to emit uniform, concentrated light to whatever is flowing inside.   The phosphors, which can be UV-C emitting phosphors for sterilization purposes, are activated by current from a cathode array disposed on the inner surface of an outer pipe.   The two component pipes are separated by vacuum, which is sealed in by end flanges.  The full, assembled pipe can be used to efficiently sterilize air, water or other fluids flowing inside.

Mr. Eaton noted that the phosphors used in an early prototype had a power efficiency of around 10%, and there is considerable scope for improvement, so this approach to UV-C sterilization has better power efficiency than the medium pressure mercury lamps now used in waste water treatment, or the UV-C LEDs being developed.   The pipe also uses reflective coatings to ensure all the emitted light is absorbed by the target material, which further increases efficiency.   The UV pipe can be pulsed or operated continuously and has smooth emission over a wide power range.    There is no mercury and the outer pipe can be coated or enclosed to protect people in the surrounding area from the radiation, so sterilization system using this pipe can safely be operated in processing plants, hospital rooms and other environments.

Stellarray is building an important portfolio of intellectual properties for its radiation sources and systems using them, including proprietary knowledge of how to build them.   The company now holds five issued patents, has another allowed and several others pending.  For further information please contact Mark Eaton at 512/997-7781 or eaton@stellar-ray.com.