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Stellarray Paper at INMM on Cs-137 Replacement

28 July 2016

Mark Eaton, Stellarray CEO, presented a paper entitled “Self-Contained Irradiators for Cesium-137 Replacement” yesterday at the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM) Annual Meeting in Atlanta. The invited paper discussed the market dynamics of Cs-37 replacement and recent progress in the development of the company’s irradiator products, including operation of the flat panel x-ray sources used in the irradiators to over 160 kilovolts, a key milestone for the company. Cs-137 is the top priority for replacement among isotopes used in medicine, research and industry due to its long half-life, dispersibility and use in quantities large enough to make a radioactive dispersal device (“dirty bomb”). Paper co-authors are Dr. Ronald Hellmer, Dr. Shuo Cheng and Hugo Leon, also of Stellarray.

The INMM is “an international professional society dedicated to development and promulgation of practices for the safe, secure and effective stewardship of nuclear materials through the advancement of scientific knowledge, technical skills, policy dialogue, and enhancement of professional capabilities.” INMM has members in 35 countries on six continents. Papers are published in the “Proceedings of the INMM Annual Meeting”. For an advance copy of the Stellarray paper please send a request to info@stellar-ray.com.