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Another Patent to Stellarray – Novel Flux Channel X-ray Source

16 November 2016

Stellarray announced today that it is being issued U.S. Patent 9,508,523, for its “Forward Flux Channel X-ray Source” by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The inventors are Mark Eaton and Dr. Mark Lucente. All rights, title and interest are assigned to Stellarray, Incorporated. The patent covers a novel x-ray source architecture in which x-rays are generated inside one or more specially shaped channels inside a metal anode plate.

There are several advantages and unique applications of this x-ray source. First, producing x-rays in a metal channel is more efficient than with a conventional anode, since the channel directs the x-rays only to the intended target area. Second, since the anode target surface is much larger than the traditional “spot” much more power can be put into the anode, for brighter x-ray beams and improved image acquisition times. Third, this x-ray source can be made in formats ranging from high-intensity single-channel micro-focus sources to large arrays of collimated x-ray pencil beams. Single beam sources will be used in x-ray microscopy and x-ray instruments for higher throughput and resolution. Array sources will enable several exciting new imaging applications, including phase contrast imaging (PCI). PCI uses phase contrast rather than the traditional absorption contrast to generate x-ray images. In doing so, it can dramatically increase resolution and contrast while lowering absorbed doses in patients, all critical objectives in radiography. The development of PCI has been stymied by the lack of suitable x-ray sources but the present invention could change that. The array sources can also be used in other new x-ray imaging modalities, such as dynamic coded source imaging.

Stellarray is building an important portfolio of intellectual properties for its radiation sources and systems using them, including proprietary knowledge of how to build them. The company now has seven issued patents. For further information please contact Mark Eaton at 512/997-7781 or eaton@stellar-ray.com.