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Stellarray Presentation at NASA Human Research Program Workshop

20 January 2017

Stellarray will present its research on a “Multi-Purpose X-ray Source and System for Exploration Medical Condition Imaging” at this year’s NASA Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop in Galveston, TX, January 23-26. The MPXS system will be a compact radiographic medical imaging system that can be carried into space and used on future orbital, planetary and asteroid missions for traditional 2D x-ray imaging, digital tomosynthesis and other forms of 3D computed tomography. MPXS will meet imaging needs for most of NASA’s priority “exploratory medical conditions”, including musculoskeletal, head and neck, soft tissue, dental and other conditions. MPXS is being designed to have less than 1% of the weight and volume of a traditional CT system. Stellarray recently completed Phase I of an SBIR project for MPXS in which all the components for the source were verified, including high current cathodes, and designs were completed for stable operation and minimal stray radiation. Mark Eaton, CEO, and Dr. Ronald Hellmer, project Principal Investigator, will make the presentation. For further information please contact info@stellar-ray.com.