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Stellarray on to Phase 2 Imaging System for Space Missions

10 May 2017

Stellarray announced today that it has been awarded the Phase 2 contract for the “Multi-Purpose X-ray Source and System” it is developing for NASA to use in crewmember imaging systems on future orbital, asteroid and planetary missions. MPXS will meet imaging needs for most of NASA’s priority “exploratory medical conditions”, including musculoskeletal, head and neck, soft tissue, dental and other conditions. MPXS will have less than 1% of the weight and volume of a traditional CT system. On earth, it will be used in portable tomosynthesis and CT systems for military, emergency and emerging markets. Stellarray successfully completed Phase I of his SBIR project under Principal Investigator Dr. Ronald Hellmer. For further information please contact info@stellar-ray.com.