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Stellarray Exhibits at AABB

14 October 2019

Austin, TX

Stellarray will exhibit its Self Contained Blood Irradiator (SCBI) at the upcoming annual meeting of the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) at the Henry B. Gonzalez Conference Center in San Antonio October 19-21. The AABB meeting is the world’s largest annual gathering of blood bank and related professionals.

SCBI uses one of more pairs of the company’s flat panel x-ray sources (FPXS) to irradiate blood bags and other blood containers slid between upper and lower panels, a design that has been nicknamed “the x-ray toaster”. A small SCBI, with just one pair of panels, will be shown at AABB. This can irradiate the equivalent of two pint bags to the FDA-recommended dose of 25 Gy in four minutes. This unit is smaller than any other irradiator, electrical or isotope, is very easy to use and has been designed for the highest levels of reliability. It uses standard wall power and does not require liquid cooling. It will be shown at the Stellarray booth, #311.

Stellarray develops and manufactures FPXS and the irradiators according to ISO 13485 medical device standards in a fully equipped research and manufacturing facility in north Austin. The company is also developing digital “smart x-ray sources” for next generation computed tomography and micro/nano-focus x-ray sources for applications such as x-ray microscopy. For further information please contact info@stellar-ray.com.