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Stellarray Presentation at ANS Winter Meeting

12 November 2019

Austin, TX

Mark Eaton, President and CEO of Stellarray, will deliver an invited paper to a session of the Winter Meeting of the American Nuclear Society in Washington, DC on November 20. The paper, entitled “Alternative X-ray Sources as Substitutes for Radioactive Isotopes in Irradiation Applications” is co-authored by Dr. Ronald Hellmer, Dr. Zhe Su and Dr. Shuo Cheng, also of Stellarray. The session is “Impact of Radiological Sources on Nuclear Nonproliferation” and starts at 3:55 pm in the Delaware A Room of the Wardman Park Hotel in Washington. The paper will be published in the meeting proceedings. The paper will review Stellarray’s development of blood and research irradiators, noting the major challenges and successes of the team. Special emphasis will be placed on choosing the right type of radiation for an application, rather than just using what has been used, such as Cs-137.

Stellarray develops and manufactures novel x-ray sources and irradiators according to ISO 13485 medical device standards in a fully equipped research and manufacturing facility in north Austin. The company is also developing digital “smart x-ray sources” for next generation computed tomography and micro/nano-focus x-ray sources for applications such as x-ray microscopy. For further information please contact info@stellar-ray.com.