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November 6, 2015
July 22, 2015
Stellarray Phase III Contract for Blood Irradiator (full story)
Stellarray Receives Another Award for Water Quality Program (full story)
Stellarray on to Phase 2 Imaging System for Space Missions
(full story)
Stellarray Presentation at NASA Human Research Program Workshop
(full story)
Another Patent to Stellarray – Forward Flux Channel X-ray Source
(full story)
Stellarray Paper at INMM on Cs-137 Replacement
(full story)
Stellarray Developing CT Imaging System for Space Missions (full story)
Stellarray Wins Award; To Present at National Innovation Summit
(full story)
Key Patent to Stellarray for Self-Contained Irradiator (full story)
New Patent to Stellarray for UV Pipe Sterilization System (full story)
Stellarray Wins First Place, Medical Category, in Create the Future Design Contest (full story)
Dept of Energy Grant to Stellarray to Develop Cesium Replacement (full story)

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