Stellarray has developed several radiation source technology platforms, each with numerous applications:

Flat Panel X-ray Source – patented architecture for broad x-ray flux used in irradiation and sterilization applications.

Digitally Addressable X-ray Source – used in high-speed, stationary tomographic imaging systems.

Digital Research X-ray Source – specially designed to emit highly collimated x-ray beams to individual spots, e.g. the wells in a 96-well plate.

Micro-Focus X-ray Source – uses our patented forward flux channel x-ray source architecture to generate high flux density in small spots or fan beams.

EUV and X-ray Source – uses grazing electron beams on a silicon or other target for EUV and other targets for X-ray to increase power efficiency.

UV-C Sources – patented cathodoluminescent UV panels and pipes that have no mercury, are highly scalable and have high power efficiency.