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Stellarray Wins Award; To Present at National Innovation Summit
Key Patent to Stellarray for Self-Contained Irradiator
New Patent to Stellarray for UV Pipe Sterilization System
Stellarray Wins First Place, Medical Category, in Create the Future Design Contest
Dept of Energy Grant to Stellarray to Develop Cesium Replacement
Stellarray Awarded DoE Grant for Blood Irradiator
Stellarray Receives Award for Water Quality Program
In the News: Less is More with Next Generation X-rays (IEEE Spectrum)
Stellarray Selected for Innovation Award
MEMS Packaging Patent Issued; Portfolio for License
Stellarray on to Phase II of Breast Cancer Screening System
Stellarray and Stellar Micro Move Lab
Flat Panel X-ray Source Patent to Stellarray
Stellarray Receives NIH Contract for High Intensity X-ray Sources
Stellarray Exhibits Improved Irradiator Design at Blood Bank Show
Stellarray in Five-Year Project to Develop “4D” Computed Tomography Systems
Stellarray Introduces Blood Irradiator Design at AABB Show
Stellarray Wins Grant for Blood Safety Device
Stellarray Receives NSF Grant to Develop Wastewater Treatment using Radiation Sources
Stellarray Awarded “Most Promising Life Science Technology Company” at Rice Alliance Life Science Venture Forum

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