Austin, TX,   May 3, 2016

Stellarray announced today that it has been issued U.S. Patent 9,324,535, for a “Self-Contained Irradiation System Using Flat Panel X-ray Sources”, by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The inventors are Mark Eaton, Dr. Mitali More and Mike Olla. All rights, title and interest are assigned to Stellarray, Incorporated. The patent covers “self-contained” (i.e. shielded cabinet) irradiators that use flat panel x-ray sources, such as the ones covered in Stellarray’s patent 8,155,273. The main advantages of Stellarray’s irradiators are much smaller size and weight compared to systems using x-ray tubes, greater power efficiency, no radioactive isotopes, ease of use and faster dose rates.

This key patent supports Stellarray’s planned release of a series of self-contained blood and research irradiators, which are under intensive development with support from the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration, part of the Department of Energy. Blood irradiators are used at blood banks and hospitals to prevent transfusion–associated graft versus host disease, a fatal condition caused by the reaction of immuno-suppressed patients to active leukocytes. Stellarray will offer its self-contained blood irradiator in three size models to suit various customer needs. Research irradiators are used at hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical companies and other institutions in diverse radiobiology and radiochemistry studies, such as the effects of chemotherapy agents in conjunction with radiation therapy. Research irradiators will be offered in high voltage, high power and digital versions to suit different customer needs. The digital version will allow researchers to use the same micro-well plates they use for everything else in radiological studies, thereby increasing their throughput and efficiency.

Blood and research irradiators account for over 98% of the use of Cesium-137, identified by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences as the single most dangerous radioactive isotope since it is the perfect material for a dirty bomb. Mark Eaton, President and CEO, noted that “In addition to providing terrific products at a great value to our customers and growing a very profitable business, we can help to largely eliminate a national security threat by obviating the need for this isotope.”

Stellarray is building an important portfolio of intellectual properties for its radiation sources and systems using them, including proprietary knowledge of how to build them. The company now holds six issued patents and has several others pending. For further information please contact Mark Eaton at 512/997-7781 or