Stellarray is offering for sale or license two U.S. patents and associated know-how for the room-temperature hermetic packaging of MEMS and other micro-devices. The essence of the technology is that a hermetic package is positioned inside a vacuum, inert gas or other controlled atmosphere and permanently sealed through a cold weld process. The sealing chamber atmosphere is captured inside the package. This technology is useful for increasing yields and reliability for many types of MEMS that need a hermetic package but also have sensitive structures that can be damaged by heat, such as RF switches or optical MEMS. The patents are US 7,576,427 and US 8,394,679, the most recent of which issued on March 12, 2013. Single-die prototype packages have been sealed with these techniques, which can be extended to the wafer scale. If interested, please contact Mark Eaton ( or 1-512- 997-7781).