Self-Contained Blood/Biological Irradiator

Stellarray has developed a new kind of self-contained blood irradiator (SCBI) using our patented flat panel X-ray sources. These FPXS panels are designed and made to be about the same size as blood products lying flat in a tray. The SCBI operator slides one or more blood product trays between pairs of FPXS panels, which emit a highly uniform x-ray dose across the area of the blood products, from both sides, which ensures a uniform dose throughout the products. The FPXS panels and the SCBI system have been designed for very high power efficiency, which means they consume far less power than x-ray tube irradiators and can use standard wall power sources. The cooling and insulation system is “solid state”, so there are no moving fluids or cooling system to break down. The high voltage power sources are built in to the same casing as the FPXS, eliminating the need for bulky and troublesome high voltage cables. All these factors help make SCBI the smallest and lightest blood irradiator ever made.

SCBI will be offered in three models – small, medium and large – which have one, two or three pairs of FPXS panels, respectively. The small model can be lifted by two people and fits on a bench or stand. It can irradiate two pint bags of blood, or the equivalent in other bags sizes of syringes, and, depending on testing may be able to double that volume. The medium-size model is essentially two pairs of FPS side by side and will irradiate four to eight pint bags or equivalent. The large model will have a conveyor belt transporting the blood product through three pairs of FPXS.

SCBI will be an attractive alternative to Cs-137 irradiators for the graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) use. Cs-137 is a very dangerous isotope that can be used in a dirty bomb.  The Office of Radiological Security of the U.S. Department of Energy is sponsoring an innovative program to encourage the transition from isotope to electrical sources for blood and research irradiation.

Blood irradiators are Class 2 medical devices and SCBI is not yet cleared for market. To talk with Stellarray representative about SCBI, please call (512) 997-7781 or email us at