Self-Contained Blood/Biological Irradiator

The Stellarray team is now focused on testing and obtaining FDA approval of our first system product, the Stellar-Rad self-contained blood/biological irradiator (SCBI) using our flat panel X-ray sources.

In about 10 percent of U.S. blood transfusions, and more in some other countries, the blood has to be irradiated to eliminate the risk of fatal graft-versus-host disease (GVHD).  Irradiation is now done with radioactive isotopes, primarily of cesium, which require heavy lead shielding and increasingly burdensome procedures for security and monitoring, since the cesium can be used in a dirty bomb.  Operators of these isotope irradiators want an alternative.  Many other hospitals, oncology centers, transfusion centers and blood banks that want an irradiator have not acquired one due to security requirements.  X-ray tubes, as point sources, are not designed for continuously irradiating a large area or volume.  Stellarray’s SCBI, using our flat panel X-ray sources (FPXS) on either side of a compact, easy-to-use, bench-top cabinet, is meant for the job.  SCBI will deliver the required dose more quickly, in a small footprint, with a lower cost of ownership and none of the regulatory burden of isotopes.  There is high interest at blood banks and hospitals, and demand for other possible applications such as platelet shelf life extension, implant sterilization and agricultural uses.

Stellarray staff are now discussing with blood banks, hospitals and transfusion centers their needs and the features they prefer.  To talk with a Stellarray representative, please call (512) 997-7781 or email us at